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          8. About AZUMI

            AZUMI Machinery(Beijing) Co.,Ltd

            In 2004, AZUMI Machinery(Beijing) Co.,Ltd was established. As the general agent of Japanese YASUDA company, AZUMI machinery was officially introduced into China, leading the rapid development of Japanese YASUDA wood flooring line in the domestic market and walked into the famous domestic wood floor processing enterprise such as Nature, Power Dekor, A&W and Living.

            In 2010, taking the development of the Chinese market as an opportunity, Beijing AZUMI cooperated with YASUDA company of Japan to build a factory, and started the process of production, sales and technical services of PVC flooring, SPC flooring and wallboard equipment in the Chinese market and entered the new floor entrprises such as Novalis, Jinka Flooring, MeiJer, Golden Mouse and Eletile.

            AZUMI Machinery(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd



            Core component

            Imported with original packaging from Japan


            Quality control/Management standardization

            The quality of equipment

            Same level as imports

            Beijing/liyang two after-sales service center

            Serve customers in the south and the north

            Because of the specificty,so professional,this also represents the essence of our brand values.

            Beijing/liyang two after-sales service center,serve customers in the south and the north

            Learn more about AZUMI Machinery(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd

            As a leading company in the Chinese market for building materials processing technology, the YASUDA brand of AZUMI corporation is widely recognized by industry customers for its high precision,high speed and high stability.

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